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Dust off your boots and mark your calendar.

Cowboy Rendezvous Horse riding events

Columbus Day Weekend is our Annual Cowboy Rendezvous!!!

Cowboy Straight Race
This cash jackpot horse race is designed for the experienced rider over the age of 18 that want to race against the best contenders! Think your pretty fast? Prove it! Horses are raced up a dirt track over 400 feet long. The winning horse is then moved into the next heat, and will race the winner of previous runs. This event draws a big crowd to cheer on our competitors! The Championship race will take place the next day and the winner will walk away with the cash jackpot!

Gambler's Choice Versatility
Provided and Judged by Carry on Farm from Coventry RI (takes the place of our Ranch Cowboy Versatility Course)

Outlaw Posse Ride
The Posse Ride is not for the faint of heart! A fun, thrilling adventure for the riders who enjoy a good chase scene from Bonanza! A themed ride, with a story, appoints our guests as 'the posse' to help chase down the outlaws! A trail boss is assigned and you must follow the clues to bring down the bad guys.. its not so easy, sure you may find them, but can you catch them?? (dressing in character is encouraged!)

Poker Ride
The popular 'poker ride' is a self guided 'ride at your own leisure' through the woods following a marked trail. Along the route are stations with cards concealed within envelopes. Riders simply pick out their envelopes at the stations and ride back to the ranch and turn in their 'hand'. Each individual's collection of cards are sorted through by our Poker Judge, and the lucky winning hand wins the cash jackpot! 1st, 2nd, and 3rd are all accounted for!

Obstacle Versatility
This fun course is based on a riders speed through a variety of unusual, unpredictable and often crazy obstacles which each team must complete as quickly as possible. The rider with the best time, wins! Time penaltys are given in certain situations- so if you have a brave horse with quick feet, this might be a winning choice!


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-- 2016 Feedback --

2016 Cowboy Rendezvous Feedback
Emy Torres Duberek reviewed Stepping Stone Ranch - 5 star
October 10 at 7:20 PM
Just camped here with our horses this weekend for their 11th annual cowboy rendezvous and it was fantastic! Lots of friendly people! The horse events were a blast, as well as the dancing at night. Heidi and Darrell were amazing hosts! Will definitely be going back! Oh yes and the trails at the surrounding Arcadia State Forest were just beautiful!

-- 2014 Feedback --

2014 Cowboy Rendezvous Feedback
Brandon wrote: "It was my first time there this year and it was a great time! Great friends old and new. Can't wait until next year!!"

2014 Cowboy Rendezvous Feedback
Bill Miller mentions in a comment.
" Stepping Stone Ranch This was my first time at the ranch and had a wonderful time. Everyone was very friendly and helpful and smiles brought sunshine through the rain on Saturday. Sunday was spectacular. Thanks again. Will be back next year."

2012 Cowboy Rendezvous Feedback
we attended the cowboy rendezvous 2012 and just wanted to say thank you Sooo much we had a wonderful weekend. Your staff was great and helpful. All the trails and rides were amazing. We will definitely be back every year!

Thank you so much Naomi, and Delila

2012 Cowboy Rendezvous Feedback
Hi Heidi,
I just wanted to say thank you again for your hospitality this weekend. We all had a great time and look forward to coming to your place again.


2012 Cowboy Rendezvous Feedback
Hi Guys!
Just a note of thanks for the absolutely great time at the rendezvous! It rocked! The food, the people, and the music were outstanding. The young woman tending the bar wass pleasure to talk with, and we met a ton of truly nice folks. Can't wait till next year.

Peter & Jane

-- 2011 Image Collages --

COllage1 SSR COwboy Rendezvous

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