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Horse Boarding

Join our barn family at our 25 stall facility. Our historic barn measures 60 x 180' with 25 10x10 oak box stalls and acres of turn-out for your horse to enjoy. We manage our facility with nutrition and horse health as a priority. Our no-frills approach includes herd turnout, pasture grazing, and miles of trails to ride and enjoy the largest forest in the state, Arcadia Management Area.

Family owned and operated, we administer all care and management so you can feel confident your horse is in good hands. We work with a full range of professional farriers and veterinarians and can provide recommendations for our clients. Extra services can be provided as an on-needs basis. We feed quality Nutrena grain, NY hay, with a filtered water system and support SmartPak supplements. 

Full Board $600.00 

Monthly full board consists of all regular care and management 365 days a year. Morning, Lunch and Night feeding and large multi-horse turnout. Daily stall cleaning, and access to all farm amenities and events. Your horse is welcome to stay outside overnight if applicable. Most of our resident horses fall into this category. 
Paddock board $630.00 


Includes all full board details with the addition of an individual (or small group) paddock turn-out. This option is also applied to special needs horses, drafts, some senior horses, or horses with behavior issues that require additional supervision and handling procedure. Private turn-out space is limited and availability varies. 

Training Board$975.00 +
 Training option will be discussed upon evaluation of client needs. Horses accepted into training board are considered on a variety of factors and owner's expectations. Typical training board includes all regular board care with minimum of 3 training sessions per week. Discounted lessons for owner are included in this package. Limited space available for training stalls. Please email for more information.
areas of expertise: Balance Seat, Hunter, Versatility/Trail Horse. AQHA Performance Disciplines 
*Additional Considerations: 
Additional services are available and charged accordingly as-needed basis.
Some examples include but are not limited to: Winter Blanketing, Handling for Vet/Farrier Appointments, Administering Medications/First-Aid Care, Grooming, Exercising or other similar needs. 

Limited Semi-Rough Board 
 Additional terms will be discussed upon evaluation of candidacy. 

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