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"I have a question..."

Frequently asked Questions

"I used to ride there many years ago, do you offer public horse riding?"

"My friends and I want to make an appointment to come riding, are you open tomorrow?"

"I have a horse, but my companion doesn't... can I lease a horse?" 


Thank you for thinking of us! Our farm is quite well known, and has been visited by so many over the decades. However- the answer to this question is 'No', we do not offer public trail riding. This service was discontinued 7+ years ago. We do have an extensive lesson program and could arrange a private group lesson, but no longer offer public rental. If you would like to inquire about lessons please contact us, this requires a minimum 1 week advance appointment.

"I am getting married, and want to check out your farm, can I show up and walk around?"

"I am looking for a place to board my horse/take lessons can I show up and look around?"

"I used to come here for festivals in the 70's, I am driving around, can I look around?"

Please, No- do not show up without an appointment. As a family business, we have a multitude of tasks/responsibilities every day. We want to prioritize time spent with all visitors and be prepared for your questions. We do not have full-time staff and so we rely on appointments to organize our day. We ask that you please visit the farm by appointment. We do like meeting new people, so please give us call- we would love to meet you! 

"My spouse/friend really loves horses, but has never ridden before, can I get a gift certificate to your farm?"

We love horses, and we would love to share that passion with you! Beginner riders are always welcome- Yes, gift certificates are available in any denomination and we are happy to offer some suggestions to get started! 

"Do you offer horses for sale or lease? I am not sure where to start."

Yes, occasionally we have a horse in the barn for sale. Leasing is also a great option for individuals not ready to make the big purchase yet! However, we also offer private consultation and can help you achieve your goals. Please inquire for more information regarding sales/leases. We offer many programs for first-time horse owners and love helping people.  We can help you find your dream horse- even if we shop elsewhere!

For all other inquiries, please feel free to email/call us! 

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